Destroy the bandit camp at the Garbage
Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Bandit camp NE of Vehicle graveyard


Not Known (Probably reputation positive)

Time limit

1 Day


Mission InformationEdit

Initial dialogueEdit

The Bandits have rallied lately, getting in the way of honest people trading... So make a beeline for the Garbage, I've been told these scumbags have settled down near the scrapyard. You look into this matter, and everyone will be grateful to you, and I'll be generous with the reward. Agreed?
- Sidorovich, via PDA



Walkthrough Edit

  • You'll be given this mission automatically once you re-enter Garbage and approach the Gang. Roughly South of the Train hangar from the North.
  • The mission will be renewed on a daily basis when you re-enter Garbage and get within range.
  • As noted, the prize is 1500 RU and 2 RGD-5 grenades, Sidorovich will often have the necessary inventory for you to buy more grenades with that cash.


  • To avoid getting the mission it is necessary to eliminate the camp immediately after helping Bes early in the game on your way to see Seriy at the Train hangar as part of your ongoing Main Mission.

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