Destroy the herd of boars and fleshes
Destroy the herd of boars and fleshes
Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Small infestation of larger animal mutants between the Minefield and The Barrier.

Time limit

1 day

Our sniper sits at the entrance to the base. He sits there on the tower at's quiet, night-time...and suddenly there's an explosion, wild screeching, a flash! What the!...It turns out, boars and fleshes got into the habit of wandering around by the minefield. The devil knows what makes them go there, but sure enough at least once every week one of those beasts gets torn up by a mine. The assignment is simple - kill all of those suckers off. Will you do it?
- Lukash


  • For so little work it's a monstrous reward.
  • A heap of pipes close to The Barrier provides adequate elevation provided no Pseudodogs are present.
  • Anything above 5.45x39mm ammo is a bit of a waste.
  • Usually consists of three beasts as a mix of Boars and Fleshes, but mature boars and Greydogs can show up to the party.
  • Don't advance closer to The Barrier or you'll have to report to Cap for the Protect the Border mission.

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