Destroy the herd of rodents
Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Rodent pack near Electro tunnel in the Wild Territory.

  • Reputation increase: ?
  • Relation increase: Freedom, ?
Time limit

1 day

There are no rodents anywhere near our base, though these creatures can get anywhere. And just recently there were so many of them here - you wouldn't believe it. Two months ago we dealt with them..hehehe. So, we figured out where the rodents came from to our base. From the Wild Territory, you follow? There's a fear that these jumping rats will multiply and return. We need a man to take care of them for us. Will you go?
- Lukash


  • Since Rodents fry quickly in Electro anomalies and can't jump up very high at the best of times, you will probably want to lead them into the center of such an anomaly. Failing that, standing on a car bonnet or a couple of pipes will provide adequate elevation for you to pick off the pack with single shots.
  • Luring the objective into the Electro cluster to the north, isn't really an option, since, unlike Blind dogs, the Rodents do not run onto the platform in meaningful numbers.
  • Avoid confrontations at ground level on open terrain.
  • Sometimes, the Rodents die in anomalies without your intervention.

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