Destroy the Lair of Wild Dogs
Quest type

Eliminate mutants

Given by

Professor Sakharov


Destroy dogpack in NW Wild Territory

Time limit

1 day

There's a mutant-dogs' lair at the Wild Territory. I want you to travel there and clear it up. These mutants are particularly dangerous for our expeditions. I know that zoologists won't favour this, but this is not a zoo here, I must admit. Such beasts spread rabies, plague or god knows what else.
- Professor Sakharov

Destroy the Lair of Wild dogs is a mission given to you by Professor Sakharov in the mobile lab next to Lake Yantar.


  • Professor Sakharov requests that you hunt down all the dogs in Wild Territory, and can be done with any weapon you prefer.
  • He doesn't actually issue the mission in the Lab, it is obtained by default as soon as Player enters the Wild Territory from Yantar.


  • As dog-packs go, this will be the one in the north-west of Wild Territory.
  • There will also be Pseudodogs on the prowl.
  • The dead zone in the Electro anomaly patch on the tracks is a good vantage point that allows the Player to lure the dogs to their demise.

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