Destroy the military camp
Quest type

Camp Elimination

Given by



Agroprom Research Institute Military camp.


Not known

Time limit

1 day

The military are staging a gradual Zone takeover. We need to slow them down, otherwise the Zone will turn into a research zoo. One of the military camps is right by the Agroprom. If you manage to purge the place a bit, it will slow down Zone's takeover by the army.
- Lukash


Owing to the location and nature of the target and the fact that you were so popular during your last visit there, you will of course be well prepared during your latest foray.


You could combine your visit with other side-missions in the area, notably:

You might also want to be poking around in the sewers after consulting with Guide anyway. So look at it all as an interlude as you use Nato and PAB ammo to kick some military ass.

In any event, it's always worth passing through the area where the Mole shootout took place even just to scavenge the dead stalkers, shoot the occasional Bloodsucker or cull the Bandit gang. Just watch out for roving Blind dog packs and pairs of Pseudodogs by the entrance to the Underground.

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