Destroy the stalker from Freedom
Quest type

Stalker assassination

Given by





PSZ-9Md Universal Protection


Reputation increase: +3

Time limit

7 days


Destroy the stalker from Freedom is an optional, non-repeatable sidequest featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Listen here. We have maps of Pripyat - not up-to-date ones, but old ones, made in the early 90's. The most important thing on them is the marking of all military objects: underground warehouses, bomb shelters. Now there's little use from it, of course, but if we find a road to Pripyat, this information will become priceless. Here's the problem, though. One of the officers went over to the Freedom side, and he knew about this information. Bottom line, he needs to be silenced before he says too much.

The quest is given by Colonel Petrenko from the Duty faction.

Completing the quest Edit

The target of the quest is one of the guards at the initial control point just outside the Freedom base called Twig.

Obviously, this mission will not go down well with Freedom. If the player decides to do it, they should consider picking up the optional mission from Skull that also has the ultimate goal of killing Lukash.

In order to kill him without harming the player's reputation with Freedom, it is needed to roll 2 explosive barrels found throughout the Military warehouses (e.g. inside the Freedom base) and shoot them and they will explode thus killing him and the player won't be considered an enemy by Freedom.

Reward Edit

The player will be rewarded with PSZ-9Md Universal Protection from Colonel Petrenko. It also increases the player's reputation with Duty.

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