Devilish encampment

Red Forest


SCS Loners Loners

Symbiont anomaly


The Devilish encampment is one major location in the Red Forest in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


Shortly after entering the Red Forest the player can accept a task from the squad leader to guide a group of Loners to this location, and then help them defend it from Mutants. A Gravi artifact will be given by a surviving loner for completing this task. See Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous area for more information.


The camp is in the center of a large open area with a Symbiont anomaly next to it. The anomaly has two artifacts, one of which can be very difficult to obtain. There's a crate with some loot and a camp fire. Climbing up on the boulders surrounding the anomaly will make it easier to kill the mutants. The Pseudogiant mutant is especially difficult to kill and must not be allowed to kill the squad of loners or the Gravi artifact reward will be lost.


The camp is deserted at first, but the Loners stay there until they are wiped out by continuous attacks from blind dogs and snorks.


Just to the north of this site is the Space Anomaly that leads to Forester.


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