Echo detector
General Characteristics



0.5 kg

Clear Sky
  • Detects low and mid level artifacts
  • Cost: 100 RU
Call of Pripyat
  • Detects low level artifacts
  • Cost: 400 - 800 RU
This dated anomalous activity detector produces an alarm signal when anomalous particles enter a special chamber as you approach an anomaly. It can also register the presence of artifacts and measure the distance to the nearest one. The distance is indicated by the frequency of the sound the detector emits. To switch to artifact search mode, open the device's front cover. Due to its simple design, Echo can only be used to locate the most common artifacts.
- Echo detector Call of Pripyat item description

The Echo Detector is a basic Anomaly and Artifact detector featured in Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat.

General characteristics and features Edit

This Detector is capable of finding artifacts although it's range is very short compared to other detectors. This device only vaguely determines the distance of the player from the artifact when it flashes and "beeps". As the player gets closer to the artifact, the faster the flashing and beeping goes and if one is getting farther, vice versa. It is possible to determine the direction of an artifact, as turning towards or away from the artifacts location will slightly speed up or slow down the detectors beeping; However, it is hard to distinguish this from the artifact moving around.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Main article: DA-2 detector
Build 1844 simple detector

world model

Though not available within the game, the analogue to the Echo detector is nonetheless included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl within its code. If somehow obtained it is functional as an anomaly detector but does not provide any artifact-related functionality. It has a dramatically different appearance than what is seen in subsequent S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Clear Sky Edit

The Echo is the first detector given to Scar when he awakes at the beginning of the game. The earliest chance to replace it is once the player enters the Great Swamps on their own – they can go back to the Clear Sky base and purchase a "Bear" (Bear detector) or visit a cache in the far northwest of the Swamps for a "Veles" Detector. Echo detectors can often be found on Loners, and sometimes Freedomers and Dutyers, but are rarely if ever dropped by Bandits – despite the common drop rate, it is typically not a good idea to stockpile them for selling, as each will often only fetch around 100 RU even at the best of traders. Despite it's low quality, it can detect just as many artifacts as the Bear, but like the Bear can not detect the most valuable artifacts, such as Goldfish or Bubble .

Call of Pripyat Edit

Major Degtyarev comes into the Zone with an Echo detector. Since Bear detectors are far more commonly dropped – most often by Experienced Stalkers of all kinds, but especially by Zombified Stalkers – it is unlikely they'll have to suffer for very long. A Bear can also be procured by saving Petruha from the Boiler Anomaly in Zaton. The Echo is even worse at detecting artifacts than in Clear Sky – the most valuable one it can detect is a Wrenched. They are marginally more useful for selling than in Clear Sky – if the enemy's weapon is too low condition to be sold for profit, the detector is much lighter and does not require repairs to be sold.

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