Eliminate the military at the elevator

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Primary Mission

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Grain Elevator


Main mission continuation


I have a feeling we won't have to look for them. Khaletskiy's buddies are wandering around here somewhere, planning to attack us. A small squad has been spotted at the elevator. Help us destroy them.
- Valerian

Eliminate the military at the elevator is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to the stalker leader task to receive the Eliminate the military at the elevator mission.


Scar's attempt to get Khaletskiy to tell him about Sidorovich's case resulted in some tough talk from the Military commander about what his "boys" are about to do to the band of Loners. So Scar is off to meet the boys on his own terms.

Mission: Eliminate the military at the elevatorEdit

Valerian sends a squad of Loners to the elevator to confront the Military spotted there.

If you hurry, you can get there before the Loners are killed off and you'll have to face the Military on your own. Khaletskiy's squad is in the red-brick building, which is L-shaped with doors at either end, another near the center (facing the other building) and a broken out section of wall nearby.

The Loners generally attack from the northeast and focus on the center door and opening in the wall. One may also go for the door at the north end of the building. One strategy is to go in from either door on the ends of the building and pick the enemy off one by one. Using the north end offers a bit more cover with two vehicles and two stacks of boxes, but either way works.

When the last soldier goes down the Eliminate the military at the elevator mission is complete and you get a radio message from Valerian that another squad is located at the a new task displays: Eliminate the military at the depot.

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