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An emission or blowout is a sudden and powerful release of excess noosphere energy from the center of the Zone.

The ending of a blowout - red skies and bolts of lightning.

Massive lethal psy emission

Shadow of Chernobyl
  • Coded but not implemented
Clear Sky
  • None
Call of Pripyat
  • Respawns Artifacts
  • All


When Common Consciousness learned how to control the energy of the noosphere, with control came a price - the energy was so immense that they had to periodically release the excess, lest they be overwhelmed by it. Such a release became known to the inhabitants of the Zone as a blowout or emission. On June 10, 2006, the very first emission occurred. Unprepared military and scientific personnel were instantly obliterated. This also caused the Zone to expand by 5 kilometers.

During a blowout, noosphere energy floats from the center of the Zone to the outskirts in a circular pattern, affecting the minds and bodies of the living. The C-Consciousness can unleash the blowouts at will, usually as a deterrent or in retaliation against intruders, such as Clear Sky or Strelok[1].

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit

Emissions were cut from Shadow of Chernobyl, though several user-made modifications reintroduced them. However two emissions were scripted to happen in the game. The first one was at Yantar when the Marked One was helping Kruglov take measurements; however this was a large psionic emission, rather than a typical blowout disaster. The second one was when the factions tried to assault the Chernobyl NPP.

Clear Sky Edit

In Clear Sky, emissions are a part of gameplay and occur relatively frequently, an emission can be observed when a large thunder-like boom and rumble is heard, the ground slightly shakes and the player is immediately alerted via his PDA, which shows the approximate time to get to cover with flashing yellow icons on the map. When an emission occurs the player's secondary objective is replaced with finding the closest cover available, although the PDA is slightly unreliable as it will even point the player to ALL shelters even if it is in enemy territory, it is strongly advised one memorizes "safe" shelters in-case the PDA blunders. When an emission is occurring all NPCs will refuse service so one cannot traverse the Zone using guidesEnergy drink is useful in helping to get to distant shelters quickly.

Occasionally during an emission the player will be unable to use one of the safe places. If this does happen, the player should then go to the nearest alternative safe place shown by the flashing yellow icons. The player can also go to the ‘’next objective location’’ in the main game play, shown on the map by the next objective red icon, for safety. This is only possible if the red icon is present and not too far away, to get to in time.

Example: If an emission occurs when entering the north part of the Red Forest (near Forester) from the Military Warehouse district, the player would normally go to the trailer (yellow flashing icon) by the gate to the Red Forest for safety. It can happen that an NPC will be standing in the doorway of the trailer making it impossible to enter. The player can quickly go to Forester (red icon, which becomes a yellow flashing icon when near) and stand next to him, which is a safe place to avoid the emission. Therefore the player should also look on the map for the red next objective icon as well as the flashing yellow safe place icons when an emission occurs.

Provided that the player is not too heavily loaded with gear and barring unfortunate events, the player can reach any of the single shelters in a level from the emission starting point, but not all shelters can be visited in the level during a single emission. The player can also return back through the exit-entry to the previous level, if the shelter is nearer in the previous level and wait out the emission there.

Ss yohei 03-24-12 09-12-08 (pripyat)

An Emission in Call of Pripyat.

Call of Pripyat Edit

In Call of Pripyat emissions considerably change the world and kill anyone who is outside. They also respawn artifacts. During the emission, all NPCs will run for cover and return to their business once it's over. In order to survive an emission, the player must find shelter, take special and rare pills or have the Marked by the Zone achievement coupled with sufficient health.

When an emission begins, a radio announcer will usually warn the player (Beard in Zaton, Bonesetter in Yanov, Kovalsky in Pripyat until Evacuation is completed. If the military has already evacuated, there will be no vocal warning in Pripyat during freeplay mode). Like in Clear Sky, the PDA will indicate the nearest shelter by a yellow icon.

Note: If you are going on a trip, you might want to take some Anabiotics with you just in case you are unable to find cover.


  • Clear Sky scientists speculated that an emission is the Zone's form of "Anti-body" similar to human white blood cells, oblivious to their real purpose, as they split with the C-C scientists before they learned how to control the noosphere.
  • Despite that emission emits large psionic emissions and Hermann's words that "no mutant other than controller can survive in an intermittent psy-field", it appears that in Call of Prypiat there are even more mutants right before and after emission hits.
  • Emissions can graphically altered using the "Atmosfear Blowout Expansion" mod. Many bigger mods utilize Atmosfear (version varies between mods), but the mod is lore friendly and will not have any different effects on NPCs or the Zone.

    A young "blowout". (Atmosfear)

109671 2

The beginning of a blowout. (atmosfear)

109671 3

mid-blowout. (atmosfear)

Cut contentEdit

Originally, the generators on the cut level "Generators" were responsible for emissions. Each generator is positioned in front of what appears to be large anomaly fields, and the generators are all connected. So it would appear that emissions are generated by the machines in Generators, with anomalous zones being the power source.


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An Emission in actionEdit

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