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The player will have to find an Emission shelter if an emission occurs. Emissions are one of the hazards that the player has to contend with in the Clear Sky game. Because the emissions are extremely lethal, the player will have to seek shelter when they occur. The emissions are generated randomly as the player crosses from one map area into an adjoining map area. The player is given a random amount of time (usually under 60 seconds) to reach one of the safe locations and wait for the emission to end. A flashing yellow icon will be displayed during an emission showing the site of a shelter, but not all of the shelters are shown at one time, only the nearest shelter to the player is shown. There is also a countdown meter on the players PDA map, showing the remaining time before the main shock wave arrives.

If the player enters a new area and a loud boom, rumbling and shaking occurs this will signal the start of an emission. As the player seeks shelter, a number of shock waves will often occur. These shock waves are harmless, but can disorientate the player, because of blackouts and blurred vision. The final lethal shock wave is preceded by a whiteout followed by red skies; the player then, has just a couple of seconds to reach safety. During an emission, up to when the red skies occur, the player can exit the game play and use the ‘last save’ function, to then try and reach safety again. This ‘last save’ procedure can be repeated but the player will lose a few seconds for each repeat.

Crossing back into the previous area or crossing into a new area does not stop the emission. The player will have to seek safety until the emission is over. Usually most emissions will give the player enough time to cross the whole map area, allowing plenty of time to seek shelter. Occasionally it is better to cross back into the previous area, if a shelter is nearer in the previous area and wait out the emission there.

If the player has made enemies with a faction, a safe location held by them, will be unavailable or difficult to use. In these situations there is usually an alternative free safe location nearby, to ride out the emission, but be prepared for an attack from the enemy faction, whilst in the safe location.

Occasionally a NPC will be blocking the entrance to a shelter. The player will then have to get to the next nearest shelter to be able to wait out the emission. The player could kill the NPC to get into the shelter but it is hardly worth the aggravation of making enemies with the NPC’s faction.

Some safe locations are sited in hazard areas, e.g. in the middle of an electro field, but if the player negotiates these carefully they should come to no harm.

When heavily loaded with gear etc. energy drinks will help the player get to a safe location more quickly. In a real emergency, if really heavily overloaded with gear, some gear can be dropped, which allows faster running to get to a shelter, the gear can then be picked up again at leisure after the emission is over.

When a shelter is in a multi-storied building the safe location will usually be found on every story (level) of the building. The safe locations on different stories (levels) will be found vertically on top of each other according to where the map icon is shown in the building. The player will usually be able to wait out the emission on any story (level) in the building.

Safe locations in Clear Sky:Edit

Great SwampsEdit

11 shelters:

Northern half of the area:

  • Boatyard: in the cabin in the boatyard just south of the collapsed railway bridge.
  • Railway: in the train wagon just south of the exit to the Agroprom .
  • Northern Farm: in the farmhouse on the west side of the farm.

Southern half of the area:

Note: not all of the shelters in the Great Swamps are reliable, even when the shelter icon is shown on the map. Sometimes a shelter will be safe, at other times the same shelter will afford no protection.


9 shelters:

  • Stalker Base: there are 2 shelters here.
  • Tunnel: in the tunnel under the railway just southwest of the Stalker Base.
  • Eastern Farm: in a building at the farm that is east of the bus shelter.
  • Rookie Village: there are 4 shelters in the village that is near Sidorovich.


5 shelters:

  • Railway Tunnel: in the tunnel just west of the Depot.
  • Depot: there are 2 shelters in the depot.


11 shelters:

  • Railway Tunnel: in the tunnel near the exit to the Garbage.
  • Research Factory: there are 2 shelters here, one shelter has 2 levels.
  • Duty Base: there are 8 shelters here, one shelter has 3 levels.

Dark ValleyEdit

7 shelters:

  • Freedom Base: there are 4 shelters here, one shelter has 2 levels.
  • Factory: in a small room in the central building.
  • Farm: farm at the far south part of the area, there are 2 shelters here.


4 shelters:

  • Tunnel: in the tunnel under the road just northeast of Professor Sakharov.
  • Institute Factory: there are 2 shelters in the psy-emission area.

Army WarehousesEdit

15 shelters:

  • Stalker camp: in the cabin at the Stalker camp just northeast of the Bloodsucker Village.
  • Farm: in the farmhouse due west of the Army Warehouses.
  • Army Warehouses: there are 4 shelters here, one shelter has 2 levels.
  • Monolith Barrier: in a trailer at the Stalker camp north of the small swamp.

Red ForestEdit

6 shelters:

  • Stalker camp: in the trailer at the Stalker camp just south of Forester.
  • Lookout post: in the lookout post at the bridge to Limansk, this shelter has 2 levels.
  • Northern road tunnel: in the road tunnel just north of the bridge to Limansk (the tunnel that is blown up).
  • Western road tunnel: in the road tunnel leading into Limansk.
1. Great Swamps CS emission shelters

Great Swamps

2. Cordon CS emission shelters


3. Garbage CS emission shelters


4. Agroprom CS emission shelters


5. Dark Valley CS emission Shelters

Dark Valley

6. Yantar CS emission shelters


7. Army Warehouses CS emission shelters

Army Warehouses

8. Red Forest CS emission shelters

Red Forest

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