Encampment near truck

Great Swamp

Notable buildings


Renegade camp, Capture mission


The Encampment near truck is one major location in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Encampment near truck is located northeast of the Machine yard and is occupied by a Renegade squad. You can take them out on your own, or help Clear Sky take this location by talking to one of the squad leaders at the Machine yard. When the area is abandoned, Renegades take it back.


The encampment is little more than an open area with a single tree and a broken down truck. There's a couple stacks of tires you can use for cover when taking on the Renegades.


Renegades. When Clear Sky attacks the camp and repells the counter-attack, they go back to the Machine yard and, after a few minutes, the camp is occupied by another Renegade squad.


Clear SkyEdit

The Encampment near truck is a hotly contested area in the Swamps, with no real value to either side.


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