Find Freedom's base

In-game PDA map location

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by

Outpost commander


Freedom base


Main mission continuation


If you have any questions about Fang, the Freedom base is your best bet.
- Outpost commander

Find Freedom's base is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to the outpost commander task to receive the Find Freedom's base mission.


Scar seems to have arrived at a bad time. Things in the Dark Valley are not going well for Freedom and the only safe place is the Freedom base. Maybe Fang took refuge there.

Mission: Find Freedom's baseEdit

As you walk away from Freedom's warm welcome from the outpost commander, you hear some radio chatter and a new task displays: Respond to the SOS signal. You arrive to find it's too late, but keep an eye on your minimap because there's some Blind dogs coming to snack on the corpses. The only safe place is on top of the bulldozer cab. As you move about the bodies, the Respond to the SOS signal mission is complete and you can continue on to the Freedom base once all the dogs are taken care of. Unless you go the long way around, you'll approach the west gate to complete the Find Freedom's base mission. A new task displays, Talk to the commandant, as Lingov, the commandant, greets you over the radio.

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