Find Strelok's group's stash

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Primary Mission

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Agroprom Underground


Main mission continuation


Look for a hole in the left wall next to the words "Don't enter - you'll die."

Find Strelok's group's stash is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Get information about Strelok task to receive the Find Strelok's group's stash mission.


Mole has given you a vague location for the stash, which is underground. You have to fight your way to the stash, search it, and then find a way out of the underground.

Mission: Camp eliminationEdit

When you spawn in the Agroprom Underground, you immediately get a new task to clear out some Bandits (again), Eliminate the bandits by the Agroprom Research Institute. This comes from Sidorovich and has a time limit of one day, which includes returning to the Cordon to collect your reward.

The Bandits are right around the corner and you can use the edge of the doorway as cover to get most of them. Unless you have night vision, you can't really see and have to rely on their headlamps and muzzle flashes to know where to aim. Once you clear the area near the steps, use the pillars as cover to finish the rest off.

Mission: Find the stashEdit

With the Bandits out of the way, you can use the hand-drawn map you got from Mole. To view the map, open your PDA and click the icon on the right of the task name. This toggles between Detailed Task Information and the PDA map (which is useless underground). The starting point of the map is in the bottom-right corner. See the Walkthrough for detailed instructions on getting to the stash.

Once you're past the Bloodsucker and Military, find the entrance to the stash, which is a large air duct with a fan that fell out of it laying on the floor. When you reach the top of the duct, the mission is complete.

Mission: Find information about Strelok in the stashEdit

The stash is full of weapons, ammo, an artifact, and a couple of suits. Perhaps most importantly, the Stalker suit, which (if you've stuck to the story line) is the first suit with night vision. As you search the room, you will find a white flash drive. Once you pick it up, the mission is complete and the contents of the flash drive are displayed on the screen and written to the Message History page of your PDA's Diary for about 10 game-time hours. Also, another task, Find out what happened to Ghost, is added to your list of things to do.

Mission: Find the way out of the undergroundEdit

You can either go back the way you came, or go another way and get a head start on the Find the militaries' documents task. The second option involves more Military and your first encounter with a Controller. Again, you can see the Walkthrough for detailed instructions. When you climb the ladder to get out of the underground, the task is complete and you can proceed to the Find the militaries' documents task.


  • There are no words, "Don't enter - you'll die" near the hole to the stash.
  • One option for dealing with the Controller is to walk backwards toward the exit with a grenade. When you hear the roar, throw the grenade, maybe two.


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