Find a way to Chernobyl NPP

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Primary Mission

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Limansk Hospital


Advanced squad: your objective is to find the entrance to the Pripyat underground. The entrance is at the old hospital on the edge of Limansk.
- Lebedev

Find a way to Chernobyl NPP is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Scout the road through Limansk task to receive the Find a way to Chernobyl NPP mission.


Scar has made it through Limansk and is now on the northern end of the Limansk Hospital. He has been tasked with finding the entrance to the Pripyat underground, which is somewhere in the old hospital.

Mission: Edit

The Limansk Hospital is fairly linear and, because it is now mostly underground, the PDA map is unavailable. As you move south you hear a Clear Sky squad commander requesting help. Enter the hospital and follow the passage to the stairs and go up. You find the squad hiding from a Military sniper and machine gun (MG). As you approach you trigger a cut scene with the squad leader telling you the situation and proposes you go around and take out the sniper so they can get to the MG. The cut scene ends and a new secondary task displays: Sneak up on the sniper.

You need to go south past the squad and turn right to go down the stairs. This triggers a Monolith squad to open fire behind you. You can deal with them now, or wait until you get over to that side. When you get near the stairs, the Sneak up on the sniper task is complete and a new secondary task displays: Get to the other side of the hall. Go down the stairs and at the bottom, the squad commander tells you to wait for his cue to run across to the other side. Then, sprint to the other side to complete the Get to the other side of the hall secondary task and a new one displays: Reach the bridge. However, this secondary task and the one that follows, Cross the bridge, both get cancelled.

If you didn't take care of them before, there's a Monolith welcoming party at the top of the stairs, and more to come. First, they come out from an alcove on the east side, i.e., the same side you're on. Then they come in from the other side and shoot across the way. Each wave is triggered by your progress, so you can move slowly and take each wave out as they come. You can get a good head shot on the sniper from any of the openings along the way. When you reach the closed doors and a ratty-looking walkway to the other side, the Clear Sky squad starts toward you and you have to cover them as more Monolith come out from the other side of the hall.

When the Clear Sky squad gets to your position, they set charges on the closed door and blow it open. Then, they rush in through the doorway and drop a grenade into the machine gun nest. There are more Monolith coming up behind you and the squad leader tells you to go forward. There's a hole in the wall on the left and a tunnel to access the next section. Just inside the tunnel is a good place to save your game.

Entering the next section triggers Monolith coming at you from both sides of the hall, as well as a Military helicopter. Fighting off the attack while staying out of sight from the helicopter can be done a couple of ways: 1) Stay against the north side of the pillar in the northeast corner (near the tunnel you just exited) and shoot the enemy coming from the west. Then take care of those on the same side of the hall using the pillar for cover. 2) Sprint west and take out the enemy as they come at you, then shoot across the hall at the others.

With all the Monolith down, you now must take out the helicopter. There's a meter on the screen that tells you how much damage you've caused. If you happen to have an RPG, one or two hits is all you need. When using a grenade launcher, a third or fourth hit might be needed. The helicopter they flies off and crashes. The area is safe to explore (assuming you got all the Monolith) and there are several wooden boxes with supplies. However, you really don't need much more to finish the game.

The access to the last section of the hospital is on the west side of the second floor. In the last alcove on the right is an opening in the floor that you can drop down into. Make your way south until you see the doorway to the next section. Here you must hold off the Monolith attack for one minute until Clear Sky can come to help you. The door closes behind you as you enter this section. There's yet another MG at the far end with Monolith all around the second floor and roaming the first floor. When the last of the Monolith are killed, the Clear Sky squad leader radios that they're at the entrance to the catacombs. Lebedev responds by ordering you forward. There is a transition point past the MG nest that takes you to the power plant (see notes).


  • Before leaving the Limansk Hospital, be sure your backpack can take on another 11kg as you will automatically receive weapons and may not have time to adjust your artifacts or drop some weight.
  • Make use of the Clear Sky squad leaders to repair your armour and weapons whilst in the hospital. When you leave the hospital you will be unable to get your gear repaired.
  • This mission never completes.

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