Find out what happened to Ghost

In-game mission description

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by

Strelok's flash drive




Main mission continuation


No where to start.


So next time we'll go to the center together, just the two of us.
- Ghost

Find out what happened to Ghost is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find Strelok's group's stash task to receive the Find out what happened to Ghost mission.


The flash drive in Strelok's stash has a message from Ghost. So, find Ghost and maybe find Strelok. Unfortunately, there is nothing to indicate where either one of them could be other than the mention of a village and some warehouses.

Mission: Find out what happened to GhostEdit

The task is gained during the Find Strelok's group's stash task when you found the flash drive containing a message from Ghost to Strelok. It seems this Ghost is a way to Strelok, so you need to find him. But since there is no clear location on your PDA, so you can ignore this one for now.

Completing the mission pretty much happens on its own during the Find the documents in X16 lab task. Sakharov gives you the Get Inside the Lab task where you need to find Vasiliev, or what's left of him. When you do, his last recording tells you about Ghost and the mission is complete.


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