Find the "Moonlight" Artifact
Quest type

Find an Artifact

Given by

Professor Sakharov


Find the Moonlight artifact

Time limit

1 day


We desperately need materials for continuing our research in the field of energetics. You see, we learned to generate energy with the help of artifacts. Granted, this works while the KPD isn't high enough. We were able to get the best results with the artifact Moonlight. Please bring us a sample for experiments.
- Sakharov, Mission briefing

Find the "Moonlight" artifact, is a repeatable side mission given by Professor Sakharov, who is inside of the bunker at Yantar.


Professor Sakharov sends you out to find the Moonlight artifact. The moonlight artifact can be found all over Wild Territory on the way to Yantar. In the early morning, one can be found in the tunnel in Yantar. Though these are fire anomolies in this tunnel, Moonlight artifacts are generally spawned near electro anomalies, however only around 23:00 and 5:00, during which they are visible.


Sakharov gives you 10,000 rubles, and three scientific first aid kits for getting the artifact for him. 10,000 rubles is with Sakharov, the largest amount that he will give you.

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