Find the Compass artifact

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Primary Mission

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Old mine


On my way home I was mugged by the bandits... they spared me - an old man, but they took the Compass. Get me that artifact and I'll think of a way to get the mercenaries out.
- ''PDA message''

Find the Compass artifact is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to Forester task to receive the Find the Compass artifact mission.


Strelok blew up the tunnel he used to escape the Red Forest, leaving Scar to find another way. Forester thinks a group of lost Mercenaries may be able to help, but they must first be freed from a Space anomaly. To guide them out of the anomaly, Scar must find the Compass artifact that was stolen by Renegades who are now held up in the Old mine.

Mission: Find the Compass artifactEdit

When you leave Forester, continue south through the gate into the forest, then turn west, keeping the wall on your right. There is usually one or two Renegades guarding the entrance of the Old mine and you may have to use a tree as cover while you take them out. Continue into the mine, using the old carts and support trusses as cover. You don't have to kill all of the Renegades to get the artifact, as there is usually one in another part of the mine. The Compass is in a room on the far right at the place where the mine branches. When you pick up the artifact the Find the Compass artifact mission is complete and a new task displays: Bring the Compass to Forester.

Mission: Bring the Compass to ForesterEdit

Don't be surprised if the Duty guys at the gate decide to take over the mine as you make your way back to Forester. Talk to Forester and tell him you have the artifact. He sends you back to the Army Warehouses to locate a transmitter powerful enough to send the lost Mercenaries a message with instructions on how to get out of the anomaly while he finds the way out for them. The Bring the Compass to Forester mission is complete and a new task displays: Go to the army base. Forester takes the Compass artifact and gives you a Vintar BC.


  • There are two Poltergeists that are dormant in the lower section of the mine. They may become active during the Find the Compass artifact mission, or if you attempt to climb down the ladder.

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