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Find the Night Star artifact
SHOC Barkeep Headshot
Quest type

Item retrieval

Given by



Night Star artifact

  • Reputation increase: +60
Time limit

7 days


Find the Night Star artifact is an optional sidequest featured S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

I need the Night Star artifact. I'm sorry to say it doesn't grant any wishes, been there, done that, but it can make you wealthy. Scientists pay a lot for it. They say they make some military things out of it... So, are you up for it.

Acquiring the mission Edit

The mission is given by the Barkeep, who resides in 100Rads bar in Rostok area.

Completing the mission Edit

In order to complete the mission the player must find Night Star artifact.

This quest can be easily combined by 'Kill the traitor' quest offered by Loner stalker Baldy located in the same Bar. The job given by Baldy, which involves killing stalker named Smartass, sports the Night Star artifact as reward.

Night Star artifacts can be also found around the borders of Agroprom (generally around lots of radiation) region, as well as at the Monolith sculpture in Pripyat.

Reward Edit

Barkeep will give the player a Berill-5M Armored Suit and 3 F1 grenades.

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