Find the Night Star artifact
Quest type

Find an artifact

Given by



Night Star


Tourist Suit

Time limit

1 day


Find the Night Star artifact is an optional sidemission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

There is this one little job... rather unpleasant. Apparently, it's coming from the military, they're working on some new protection. Anyway there's an order for the Night Star. It's quite a rare artifact, but it provides pretty good protection from bullets... So will you do it? I'll pay you well!
- Sidorovich

Acquiring the mission Edit

This is the last mission in the Sidorovich artifact hunting quest line(Find the Jellyfish artifact, Find the Stone Flower artifact and Find the artifact called Chunk of Meat) and is only available after the player has been to X18.

Completing the mission Edit

First of all to even get this mission you need to give Sidorovich a Jellyfish, a Stone Flower and a Meat Chunk. These are quite common though and you can sometimes even loot them from bodies.

Finding a Night Star is a different matter alltogether as it's one of the rarest artifacts in the Zone. There's one in south-east corner Agroprom Research Institute near the closed gate. If you're lucky, it will spawn on your side and you'll just need to brave the deadly radiation to get it. If you're unlucky, it will spawn on the other side of the gate - you can still get it by pushing it towards the gate using grenades, but this might take quite a few grenades(or quite a few reloads).

Another Night Star can be found inside X18, in a stash called Secret stash of Smoked. This one would be ideal, but it requires to get lucky with the stash. I believe only Veteran Bandits and Veteran Loners in Dark Valley can give you the location of this stash. If you don't know if you have the stash or not, look east of the Red Forest on your PDA map - that's where the X18 supposedly is and any stashes inside will also appear there.

Finally, an optional mission Kill the traitor given by Baldy in 100 Rads Bar has the Night Star as a reward.

There are more Night Stars to be found later in the game, especially in Pripyat and around Chernobyl NPP itself, but at this point in the game the armor will be quite useless.

Reward Edit

Tourist Suit

Trivia Edit

Most people say this isn't worth it due to Barkeep's seperate quest where you can find the Beril-5M Armored Suit.