For the mission with the same name, see Find the PDA (Hermit).
Find the PDA
Semyon HQ
Given by

SHOC Military Semyon Lambee


Driver's friend's PDA


Army medkit

One of my best friends was running away from stalkers and decided to hide in a tunnel. He managed to get inside, but couldn't get back out and died from thirst. I tried to bring him water, but to no avail. It's really weird in there - I could see him right in front of me but just couldn't get to him. Could you try and get me some of his things? I want something to remember him by. But I'll tell you right off, I don't know how to get there, so you might want to ask stalkers - they know a lot more about the Zone than us soldiers.
- Semyon Lambee
Find the PDA is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This mission is provided by Semyon Lambee, a soldier who can be found below the bridge not far from the Rookie Village in the Cordon. Due to him being a soldier, he shows up as an hostile, however he is not armed and will beg the player not to shoot should they approach him. This is the only mission he will provide. Lambee asks the player to recover the personal effects of one of his friends who hid in a tunnel after being chased by stalkers, and died of thirst after strangely being stuck in there.

Effectively, as Lambee says, trying to enter the tunnel where the soldier's body lies will teleport the player back outside. The tunnel itself is north to the Dark Valley entrance. This is due to a Space Anomaly that can be observed above the train bridge.

The player, in order to retrieve the PDA, must jump straight into the anomaly above the bridge. Unless the player is hostile to the Loners (as they guard the bridge), the mission is nothing more than a walk in the park. However one should be cautious not to miss their jump as falling from the bridge will result in death.

Once the player has been teleported in the tunnel, they can loot the soldier's body for the PDA. By searching around one can also find several types of ammunition in the tunnel, either hidden inside crates or inside metal boxes. With the PDA obtained, one must simply return it to Lambee to complete the mission.


Lambee will give the player an army medkit for completing the mission. The reward is mere, however the mission itself being very easy it may still come in handy in a firefight due to the army medkit's relatively rarity in the early game.

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