Find the artifact called Sea Urchin
Quest type

Find an artifact

Given by

Professor Sakharov



Time limit

1 day


You are probably aware that our suits provide the best defense against radiation. The secret lies in the fact that we saturate them with a lotion made out of quite a rare artifact. To manufacture another series of these suits we need such an artifact. You call it "Sea Urchin".
- Sakharov, Mission briefing

Find the artifact called Sea Urchin is a repeatable side mission given to the player by Professor Sakharov featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Mission Edit


The Sea Urchin artifact.

At the scientist's bunker the player is sent to find the Urchin artifact. It rarely spawns in the Burnt Fuzz anomaly. It can however be found in the Agroprom Underground in the long corridor with an elevated platform running along one side. It is also given as a reward by Lukash for each of the optional missions Destroy the neutral stalker and Protect border, and inside a secret stash in Yantar. Its coordinates can be found on dead Stalkers in the Wild Territory, Yantar or the Army Warehouses.

Reward Edit

Professor Sakharov will give the player a SEVA suit that supposedly has Urchin jelly on it. On rare occasions Sakharov will give the player 10,000 Rubles and several scientific first aid kits instead. Should the player wish to sell the suit, Sakharov will pay 19500 Ru for it (ver 1.0005).

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