Find the documents in X18

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Primary Mission

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Lab X-18


Main mission continuation


At last you will find out what goes on in our laboratory.

Find the documents in X18 is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the documents in the underground lab task to receive the Find the documents in X18 mission.


Essentially, this is part two of the underground lab. Now that you've accessed the lab, you need to actually find the documents. Hopefully, you brought an empty backpack because there's lots of Artifacts, one or two weapons, ammo, and other supplies. This task has two segments, but as usual, you'll pick up one or two more along the way.

Mission: Find the documentsEdit

Finding the documents requires you to find the access code to two doors, and you get to meet some new Mutants. You may also feel the need to waste some Poltergeists (there are six in all), but that's up to you.

The first level has a couple of Snorks and a hallway full of Burner anomalies. Be sure to check every room for goodies, especially the locker room.

The second level is where you'll find the Pseudogiant and Poltergeists. In order to get the task for the second coded door, you have to walk partway down the hall on the right. Once you get it you can turn around and start exploring the other rooms.

When you find the second code and open the door, there are two more rooms to explore. As you enter the room with the bulkhead door, you get locked in and have to fight the Pyrogeist to get out. To the left and up the ramp is an area with some ammo and supplies and on the far right-side of the room is a staircase. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, the Pyrogeist roars and comes for you. Picking up the documents completes this mission and starts a cut scene where we almost see the face of Strelok.

Mission: Bring the documents to BarkeepEdit

The title says it all, except for the Military who has now decided to attack the Bandits in the factory and forces you to go back to the 100 Rads bar by way of the Cordon, i.e., Get out of the Dark Valley. However, you can go straight to the Barkeep by way of the Garbage if you choose to. When you turn over the documents, a new task shows on your PDA: Find the documents in X16 lab.


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