Find the documents in the underground lab

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Primary Mission

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Dark Valley


Stalker suit


Several Duty scouts went there very recently, but so far there is no news from them.

Find the documents in the underground lab is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find the militaries' documents task to receive the Find the documents in the underground lab mission.


When you turn over the stolen documents from the Agroprom Research Institute, Barkeep tells you about an underground lab that requires two keys. He has one of the keys, and the other is held by Borov in the Dark Valley. The task is comprised of four segments. However, you will encounter a couple of optional missions along the way.

Mission: Sneak into the baseEdit

Upon your arrival in the Dark Valley you are offered the optional mission, Free the Dutyer. This is a fairly simple mission with a reward of a PSO-1 Scope. Whether you accept or decline (by ignoring Bullet), you need to make your way to the west side of the Bandit Base and sneak in through the drain tile. When you enter the drain tile, this mission is complete.

Mission: Take the key to the lab from BorovEdit

Now that you're technically inside the Bandit Base, you have to fight your way from one end of the complex to the other. What awaits you is a gauntlet of Bandits. You can either fight or sprint through the yard to the white building north of the main red-brick building. Or, follow the west wall around to what seems to be a dead end with Whirligig anomalies (see Backpack in a secret place). You can low-crouch through an opening in the wall and enter the building from the south to avoid most of the Bandits. Either way, you have to get to the second floor at the south end of the building to find Borov. Kill him and loot his corpse to complete the mission.

Mission: Get out of the bandit baseEdit

Before you leave, be sure to visit the store room on the first floor with a gated doorway. You can leave the way you came, go to the front of the building where there's an opening you can jump out of, or head for the target on your PDA. It really doesn't matter, but when you exit, the mission is complete.

Mission: Find the entrance to the labEdit

Now that you have both keys, go to the factory. If you helped Bullet, this is where the ambush took place. The factory is virtually a second base for the Bandits, so once again, you have to fight your way in. When you open the door with a keypad the mission is complete and a new task shows on your PDA: Find the documents in X18.


  • If you have stashes inside the factory, it's best to collect them before you enter the lab, or plan on coming back later for them.

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