Find the enhanced rifle
Enchanced rifle)
Quest type

Item retrieval

Given by

General Voronin


Sniper TRs301

  • Reputation increase: +50
  • Relation increase: Duty, +100
Time limit

7 days


Find the enhanced rifle is an optional, non-repeatable side mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Description Edit

Someone helps the mercs. Quite recently they got equipped with machine-guns, enhanced for sniper fire. You understand that it's a dangerous toy? Well, I'm interested in such a gun. My gratitude will be pertinent, be sure.
- Voronin

Acquring the mission Edit

The mission is given by General Voronin.

Completing the questEdit

The player must retrieve an enhanced rifle, the Sniper TRs 301 and bring it back to Voronin. The weapon is located at the Mercenary camp in the north-western part of Army Warehouses. The outpost is protected by 5-6 mercenaries.


After completing the mission the player will be rewarded with increased reputation to Duty and a Vintar BC sniper rifle with 2 packs of ammunition from General Voronin.


  • It is highly suggested to take part in this mission, since the Vintar BC offers better power, better accuracy, and higher rate of fire, unlike the Sniper TRs 301.
  • However, the Vintar BC can be found for free lying around the freedom base (see main article), possibly making keeping this weapon the more attractive choice, especially if one likes to use 5.56x45mm rounds. This is because the sniper TRs 301 sports the highest accuracy of all NATO weapons, and has an integrated silencer (without the 20% stat loss), making it an excellent stealth weapon and an overall very good weapon.

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