Find the modified weapon
SCOP desert Eagle
Given by

SCS BanditsBandits


Modified shooter



Hey brother, there's something you can do for me. We were sitting at Limpid's and he was making a real good shooter for some fella, all mods and shit. Well, that fella and our boss didn't get on too well, so Yoga told us to make that fella disappear. Well, we chased him into a bunch of anomalies nice and quiet, but that shooter is still there. Bring me that weapon and I'll make sure Tooth don't hold back with the reward.
- Mission description
Find the modified weapon is a side mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


This is the second mission available from Bandits squad leaders in the Garbage, and can be taken after completing Return the Chaser 13. The squad leader providing the job asks the player to recover a modified shooter that belonged to a bandit that didn't get on well with Yoga, and was ordered to be eliminated, leaving his handgun behind.

The body of the bandit holding the weapon is in the midst of a chemical anomaly south to the Flea Market. The area is highly chemical, thus making a protective outfit highly recommended.

The player may want to keep the gun for themselves instead of delivering it to the bandit squad leader. The Modified shooter is essentially a Black Kite with a good amount of upgrades, making it a very solid handgun to use, considering regular Black Kites aren't a common find. Note that it is possible to get the pistol by having the bandit who gave the job killed.


The player's reward is 1500 RU that can be collected from Tooth as well as a slight increase in reputation with the Bandits. This mission unlocks Deliver a bottle of Cossacks vodka.

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