Find the space anomaly

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Tank (Red Forest)


Main mission continuation


You see, we didn't exactly come to this forest to pick mushrooms. There's an anomalous zone nearby, with whole mountains of artifacts.
- Loner

Find the space anomaly is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Find a way to the anomalous area task to receive the Find the space anomaly mission.


Scar must find Forester in hopes of getting to Limansk so he can stop Strelok from causing another powerful emission. He's discovered a PDA that tells of a Space anomaly which will transport him to Forester's location. Now, Scar has come upon some Loners who are also looking for anomalies.

Mission: Find the space anomalyEdit

Talk to the squad leader and accept the job, Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous area. You also get Capture: Devilish encampment, which is the Loners destination. These are listed as secondary tasks in your PDA, but must be completed to continue.

Mission: Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous areaEdit

Because of the anomalies along the way, it's best to stay just behind the squad leader, who takes the group to a small mine that serves as a tunnel through the hill. The mine is home to some Snorks, with more outside the exit. If all the Loners die before making it to the Devilish encampment, the task fails.

Mission: Capture: Devilish encampmentEdit

The Devilish encampment is guarded by a Pseudogiant and, unless you have a grenade launcher or RPG-7u, the easiest way to defeat it is to the encampment, climb up on the rocks, and shoot it about 16-20 times with a shotgun. Killing the Pseudogiant completes the task, which is listed in your PDA message log as Hold the point until help arrives.

The Guard the stalkers on their way to the anomalous area task is still listed as a secondary task and indicated on your PDA map. In order to complete this task, you must talk to the squad leader, who gives you a Gravi. With this task completed, head north to the Tank (Red Forest). There are more Mutants at the tank, as well as some corpses. If you defeat the Mutants and search the corpses you may find a very familiar stalker among them.

When you climb onto the tank and jump into the Space anomaly the Find the space anomaly mission is complete and a new task displays: Talk to Forester.

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