Find the stalker group's stash

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Primary Mission

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Agroprom Underground


Main mission continuation


Fang's PDA contains the coordinates of their stash - I am confident we can find information about their plans in there...
- Lebedev

Find the stalker group's stash is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Pick up Fang's PDA task to receive the Find the stalker group's stash mission.


Scar has been robbed by the same Bandits who apparently robbed Fang. Fortunately for Scar, the Bandits weren't interested in Fang's PDA, which has the coordinates of the group's stash.

Mission: Find the stalker group's stashEdit

Lebedev explains that he was right about the cause of the increased emissions being caused by someone violating the Zone and sends you to find the secret stash. At the end of the transmission, a new task displays: Get your items back.

Mission: Get your items backEdit

The Bandits took everything but your knife. They also left behind a PMm and some ammo. The Bandit camp is among some cement blocks between the road and the toxic swamp. You should be able to sneak up on them by staying behind the trees along the east side of the road and then the cement blocks. Nothing takes a Bandit down quicker than a head shot. Your items are in a green trunk near where the two are sitting when you first approach them, and you should get everything back but your money. Take all the contents of the trunk to complete the Get your items back' mission.

Mission: Find the stalker group's stash, continuedEdit

Normally, there are two transition points from the Garbage to the Agroprom. However, at this point in the game there is only one, and it's guarded by Bandits. You can use the train tunnel as cover to get around them to the north. As soon as you reach the top of the mound, however, one of them will call out to you. If you sprint to the transition point, or even half-way there, you should be able to avoid any gun play. When you transition to the Agroprom, someone from the Duty check point just ahead tells you to hurry over. As you approach, the Find the stalker group's stash mission is cancelled and a new task displays: Talk to the outpost commander. However, once you complete the Leave the flooded area task, the Find the stalker group's stash task comes back as a new task.

Mission: Find the stalker group's stash, continued againEdit

There is a squad of Bandits patrolling the next area, so move cautiously down the hallway to the stack of boxes on the left and an open air duct. Go up the air duct and into the stalker group's hideout. There's a PDA in the far-left corner of the room. When you hit action, a recording of the Strelok starts playing with information about what they've been up to and mentions Sakharov. When the recording starts, the Find the stalker group's stash mission is complete. When the recording ends, Lebedev comes on with instructions to go to Yantar. When he's done, a new task displays: Leave the underground.

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