Shouldn't have freaked out like that. How the zone messes with your head. Thought I had good nerves, never afraid of anything, and here this. This howling in the ears. Everything was going as usual. There was a scouting expedition to the Dark Valley, we got down into the trench with Krivoi to cover the rest of the group, and then once I heard the howling, I was gripped by fear. Damn, I don't even remember how I got to the coordinate. When I returned to the base, Voronin almost shot me on the spot: he had just given me an enhanced cannon, for good service, so to speak. And here... I paniced and took off so fast that I left the cannon there. Could you bring it back for me, else where will I go now without a decent weapon.
- Brome


This mission is found at 100 Rads bar. There is a Duty member there, named Brome, who is apparently drunk and stressed and will give the mission through a dialogue. After finding the Storming Obokan, the player can choose to keep it for himself or return it to the Dutyer .

Drunk dutyer

Brome, drunk and complaining in the bar

Finding the weaponEdit

This mission is infamous in that there is an item marker for it, but it will be pointing in or around the Bandit Base in Dark Valley and the weapon itself won't be there. Instead, the weapon will be wielded by an Expert Bandit named Friar who may, and most probably will, wander around in various levels. Therefore, as with many fetch quests in Shadow of Chernobyl, it is recommended to not accept it until you already have the item in question.

Friar can usually be found in Agroprom Underground after the player clears it out of Bandits, searches Strelok's hideout and some time has passed. In fact, if the player uses a mod that allows sleep, simply sleeping in Strelok's hideout for several hours during the first visit to the Underground can be enough to make him spawn near the entrance.

However, the player might run into Friar just by chance in the Bandit Base, while trying to take the key from Borov . While working the way to Borov's office through the Base, if taking fire listen for the distinct Obokan sound and move in its general direction. Finding the Obokan during the fight at the Base means that this nice upgraded gun can be used in Lab X-18 instead of the player wearing out his own main gun on poltergeists and snorks. Using the gun through X-18 will probably render the Obokan thoroughly broken by the time the player brings it to Brome, but he won't care.

There is also a smaller chance that the weapon could be dropped somewhere and there is no need to face Friar.

Not finding the weaponEdit

If the player takes the mission before finding the weapon but doesn't find it in time and the task fails, Brome will give the mission again if asked, but after the mission completes he will continue whining about his lost gun in the first part of the dialog, without giving the mission again.


  • Compared to the Fast-shooting AK-74 (which the player obtains from the Agroprom underground), a player might prefer not to use this weapon in the X-18, but to give it to the Dutyer and just put a GP-25 grenade launcher under the AK-74 (An AK-74 with a detachable grenade launcher can be found in the Dark Valley underground in the locker room).
  • After completing the mission, it is possible to re-obtain the Storming Obokan by "offering" Brome a weapon with better ballistic stats that he will "like". Just drop an L85A2 (IL 86 In-game) in front of Brome and he will exchange it with his Obokan, making the player able to get the gun back. After exchanging the Obokan in this manner, Brome won't give the mission to find it again. Note also that if the player is using a mod that lets NPCs change weapons, this won't work.
  • The reason why the item marker points to the middle of the Bandit base in Dark Valley is because that's the last place where the weapon was before it was picked up by an NPC, which causes the engine to stop tracking it.
  • It may be possible that the weapon is being carried by a Duty member named Danya Fist in the Wild Territory (occurred after X16 mission). If you're lucky, he'll be alone and you can kill him and take the weapon from him without causing the other Duty members to become hostile towards you.
  • Giving the weapon empty to Brome will cause it to not appear on his shoulder after the mission completes. However he does have it (he will let it go for a higher tier weapon as described) and won't give the mission again.
  • The map marker may display the weapon in the inaccessible area between the Garbage and Agroprom research institute, while the weapon itself can still be found on Friar if the player revisits the Underground.

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