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The Fishing hamlet is one major location in the Great Swamp in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.


The Fishing hamlet is located in the southernmost part of the swamp. This location is of great importance as it is the last strongpoint in the swamps for Clear Sky. To the west, Clear Sky base can be reached via a guide. To the north, there is a location called "Gravel Pit", where one can respond to a call for help. Northeast of the hamlet a watchtower is situated, here the player will meet the first human enemies in the game. And in the east, there is an old church.


The place consists of the remnants of three little huts, the biggest containing a box to store the loot. The fishing hamlet is build almost like a fort, as the buildings surround a square place. In the middle of the hamlet there's a little well, where one of the guides offers his service.


The hamlet is occupied by Clear Sky forces.


Clear SkyEdit

The Fishing hamlet is one objective of the faction wars in the Swamps. It has to be defended at all costs, as losing this location would mean losing the war.


On the nearby watchtower, there's a PSO-1 scope in one of the boxes on the top platform.


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