Flash drive with data on a closed-cycle breathing module
Cs icon flash drive blue
General Characteristics

Flash drive


0.05 kg

Clear Sky
A recirculation-enabled system takes care of purifying contaminated air.
- Ingame item description.

The Flash drive with data on a closed-cycle breathing module is a mission item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

General informationEdit

The flash drive contains upgrade data for a SEVA suit and can be delivered to Limpid in the Bandit base at the Garbage for a reward of 9375 RU, after which he will be able to apply the upgrade to the player's suits.


"Dead man's backpack" stash

Location of the stash.

The flash drive is located in a stash at the Garbage named "Dead man's backpack". The location of the stash can be bought from Vasyan, Garin or Tooth for 1500 RU.

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