Flash drive with data on a pistol muzzle break
Cs icon flash drive black
General Characteristics

Flash drive


0.05 kg

Clear Sky
Installing a muzzle brake allows recoil to be reduced significantly.
- Ingame item description.

The Flash drive with data on a pistol muzzle break is a mission item in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

General informationEdit

The flash drive contains upgrade data for a Black Kite pistol and can be delivered to Aydar in the Loner base at Agroprom Research Institute for a reward of 1125 RU, after which he will be able to apply the upgrade to the player's weapons.


"Cut-off pipe" stash

Location of the stash.

The flash drive is located in a stash at the Garbage named "Cut-off pipe". The location of the stash can be bought from Vasyan, Garin or Tooth for 500 RU.

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