Flea Market trader
(Random name)
FM Trader
Clear Sky



SCS Loners Loners

Hey! Can I interest you in anything?
- Flea Market trader

The Flea Market trader (Торговец на блошином рынке) refers to a small-time Loner based in the Flea Market camp led by Wild Napr during the events of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Appearance Edit

This trader does not have any unique or rare items for sale, has a limited supply of cash for trade, and normally sells random kinds of essential equipment. His inventory usually includes items such as Bandages, Medkits, commonly available ammunition (5.45x39mm BP rounds, 5.56x45mm SS109 rounds, 9x19mm FMJs, 9x18mm FMJ, RGD-5 Grenades), and food stuffs. He sells them all at prices that are usually lower than most of the prices of other traders. He only has a limited stock of items, normally only having a maximum of 1-3 pieces per sale. He does not buy weapons or armor, and has terrible prices for Artifacts. He does buy weapon add-ons like the SUSAT Scope and PSO-1 Scope for a noticeably high price, much higher than most traders. While not the most valuable trader, he is valuable as a supply point as one can get some ammunition and supplies at a low cost while in the Garbage.

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