Free the Dutyer
Free the dutyer1
Given by



Bandits escorting Captive Dutyer to the factory.

Time limit

Under 1 hour.


Free the Dutyer is an optional mission featured in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Bullet: "Talk, you son-of-a-bitch, or watch my bullet blow your brains out!"

Bandit: "Please, please don't kill me! Your partner is being taken to the abandoned factory. That's all I know, I swear.." Bullet: "OK scum, you can live. Just don't let me see you ever again."

Bullet (To Marked One): "Hey man! Come up here and help us grab our friend from these bastards. Follow me, I know a good place for an ambush. I'll thank you for your help - at Duty we always pay our debts."
- Bullet / Bandit dialogue

Completing the quest Edit

The player will basically get this mission the first time the Dark Valley is ventured into; at the entrance, the Marked One can see Bullet interrogating a wounded bandit. Bullet asks the player to help him free another Duty member that is being held hostage by some bandits, and as he hints, there is a nice reward in doing it. Soon after briefing the player, Bullet will run towards the east to an ambush point. Two bandits, along with the hostage, will approach shortly after; the objective is to kill both bandits while keeping the hostage alive. It's easy, as they lag a good distance behind him, and a longer burst from any assault rifle such as the Fast-shooting Akm 74/2 when they are lined up should give them a quick end.

Reward Edit

The reward is 1300 RU and a PSO-1 Scope. Even if the Captive Dutyer dies, the player will still get the reward, as Bullet only really needed the player's help, and as his honor as a Duty member, he will reward the Marked One's efforts.

Notes Edit

  • The briefing to this task is not given in text dialogue, instead Bullet speaks it out loud.
  • It may be preferable for some to let the hostage die, as he uses a unique handgun, the Martha (Beretta M92F), and, as stated above, you still get the PSO-1 Scope and 1300 RU if he dies.
  • Occasionally, Bullet is attacked and killed by local wildlife when you enter the Dark Valley, and you are unable to obtain the mission. You are able to 're-purpose' his PSO-1 scoped Obokan, though, and head over to where the escorts and Captive Dutyer spawn. Left alone, they will execute him at the factory. Kill them, and the Captive Dutyer will probably run off at speed, without giving the Free the Dutyer from prison side mission.
Duty mission in the Dark Valley
Free the Dutyer


Free the Dutyer from prison

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