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You're not asking the right question bro. You should ask how Ganja the barman, Ganja the hookah man, Ganja the man who partied with all sorts of friends in all sorts of places, ended up in the zone.
- Ganja

Ganja is a character who appears only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky.

Appearance Edit

Clear Sky Edit

A member of Freedom, he works as their bartender at the base in the Dark Valley. He is the one who hands out most Freedom-related mission rewards. Like most members of the Freedom faction, Ganja is laid-back and optimistic. He joined Freedom on account of "Freedom giving off positive energy". He also seems to have a fondness for alcohol and marijuana and as a consequence buys any food or alcohol at 100% of the retail price.

Ganja can give a mission with the objective to eliminate a small squad of Bandits from the old gas station across the road once you have completed the job of the technician Yar. His accent and personality is reminiscent of the 'rasta' stereotype and he hints at having been places before coming to the Zone. He calls his little bar the "Gulp of Freedom".

Memorable quotes Edit

  • "Give me five, bro! What's it gonna be? A hard drink or a soft smoke?"
  • "Drop by next week. We're expecting some real high class herb, that'll get you higher than high."
  • "Want some good old medicine? You've come to the right place dude."
  • "Peace out dude, too bad we didn't roll a joint together."

Notes Edit

  • "Ganja" is an Indian word meaning "marijuana".

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