Getting startedEdit

The first time that you enter Garbage you will run across Yurik being bushwhacked by a trio of bandits. Initially the bandits are logged as neutral loners by your PDA. Rescuing Yurik is not obligatory, there is not even a PDA 'hurry up' to do so; however, rescuing him will win you another friend and help later as you both 'Respond to the call for help' which triggers soon afterwards.

Mission: Respond to the call for helpEdit

When you talk to Bes he'll inform you that bandits are trying to take over Garbage. Bes and his group had a run-in earlier and now he expects them to come back; he wants you to help them kill the bandits. If you accept you'll complete the Respond to the call for help mission and be given the Repel the bandit raid mission. Just before, or just after, you talk to Bes you may want to have a look inside the small building nearby - it has three metal boxes in it that contain some ammunition, bandages and possibly a medkit or two. Near the building is a tall tower with a broken ladder. On top of the tower you should be able to see one or two wooden crates - shoot them and you'll see a wonderful "rain" of ammunition - about 1000 9x19mm PB1s rounds.

Missions: Repel the bandit raid & Kill the Bandit leaderEdit

Soon after you have accepted the first of these missions from Bes, and also been assigned the second by Trader at the same time, you'll notice a stalker running towards you. He'll inform Bes that the bandits are approaching. The following part can be a bit tricky since you are going up against about 8 bandits and their leader (who is the one required to kill in the Kill the bandit leader mission). Bes and his men, however, will aid you so the odds are a bit more even. Please notice that for you to complete the mission all the bandits must be killed and Bes must survive. If Bes is killed during the attack, the mission will fail.

As soon as you've spoken to Bes you should move into position. The bandits will be approaching from the west, on the other side of the scrap-yard. I have found that using the worn trailer for cover, and starting your counter-attack by tossing a grenade or two at the bandits, works quite well. Once you have thinned their group you can move closer and finish off the rest. Once you have killed all the bandits the mission will be updated and you'll be prompted to talk to Bes. The concurrent side mission that you didn't volunteer for will be determined during the battle if the bandit leader gets killed.

Bes will reward you with 2000 RU and the mission will be completed. He can tell you a bit about Garbage and himself but nothing really important as such. You'll need to head back to Sidorovich in Cordon to get your reward for (and complete) the Kill the bandit leader mission. You can do that before you move on, should you choose, but you should be able to meet Seriy, complete the missions at Agroprom and return to Sidorovich in due time. If you return to Sidorovich he'll give you an Akm 74/2U (with a loaded magazine) and 150 rounds of 5.45x39mm BP rounds. If you're going to sell the Akm be sure to unload it first to retrieve the (still rare) 5.45x39mm rounds.

The camp at the vehicle scrap-yard is often attacked by bandits, and you may even be attacked by more bandits right after you completed the Repel the bandit raid mission. If Bes should happen to be killed this time be sure to check out his body (and around him) since he's carrying a unique rifle - the Akm 74/2U Special which is basically an Akm 74/2U with an integrated silencer. Since you're at the right place you may wish to pick up another silencer if you'd like; refer to this page for the instructions on how to obtain it.

Mission: Meet with Seriy, continuedEdit

It's time to get to Seriy and get the information from him. As you get closer to the central hangar (to the north from the scrap-yard) in Garbage you'll get a transmission from him saying that they're under attack by bandits and they could use all the help they can get. Ok, it seems like you once again have to step up to the plate. As you get closer to the hangar you're likely to hear a lot of gunfire.

Inside the hangar you'll find Seriy and some stalkers engaged in combat with bandits. Help them kill the bandits and Seriy will call you over for a chat. When you talk to him he'll give you 2500 RU as thanks for the help, and tell you that a friend of his, called Mole, supposedly found a stash belonging to Strelok. The Meet with Seriy mission will be completed and you'll receive a new one: Get information about Strelok.

  • N.B. It is imperative that you obtain progression information from Seriy in order not to have a broken main mission.

There is a nearby train car, and another one closer to the gate towards the west - the first one has some crates and a metal box inside, be sure to break them for some goodies. In the second train car you can find some ammunition and a Bandit Jacket.

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