Get a flash drive from the crazy sniper
Given by



"Crazy sniper"

Time limit

7 days


Get a flash drive from the crazy sniper is an optional mission in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the mission Edit

It is an optional mission given by Max after the Marked One completes the missions Destroy the Duty company and Deal with the snitch. Max explains that the crazy sniper saw something that "knocked a few screws loose in his head" near a village.

Completing the mission Edit

The crazy sniper sits in a cabin in the middle of a swamp in the Army Warehouses, shooting everyone on sight. Max explained that none of his men would go to the village that made the sniper crazy, so he assigns the Marked One to get a flash drive from him.

Reward Edit

In return for the flash drive, Max promises the Marked One a Black Kite, however he only gives a Walther P99.


  • The crazy sniper is called Insane stalker from the Freedom faction. However, he is labeled as a Bandit, wears build version of a Merc Suit, and acts like a Zombified Stalker.
  • The cabin in which he is in contains a Wind of Freedom Suit and some .45ACP hydro shock rounds.

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