Get ammo from Ashot
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Oh, so he found a hero after all...
- Ashot

Get ammo from Ashot is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Get orders from the commandant task to receive the Get ammo from Ashot mission.


Scar is running errands for the commandant, Lingov, in hopes of speaking to the chief, who may have had a conversation with Fang, who may know something about a stalker going to the center of the Zone and causing frequent emissions. This mission is to collect some ammo for an outpost during a time when no one wants to leave the Freedom base.

Mission: Get ammo from AshotEdit

From the commandant's office, Ashot the trader is located a few steps to the northeast. Go in the doorway of the building with a sign in Russian and up the stairs. Then, talk to Ashot who gives you the ammo at the end of the conversation. The Get ammo from Ashot mission is complete and a new task displays: Deliver the ammo to the outpost.

Mission: Deliver the ammo to the outpostEdit

The outpost is southeast of the Gas Station, and as you make your way there, you hear gun fire, then Chekhov's voice telling you the outpost was attacked. The Deliver the ammo to the outpost mission is complete and a new task displays: Find out what happened at the outpost.

Mission: Find out what happened at the outpostEdit

When you get to the outpost and see the dead Freedom fighters, the Find out what happened at the outpost mission is complete and a new task displays: Find the active PDA.

Mission: Find the active PDAEdit

Search the bodies until you find one with a PDA and take it. A recording plays with two of the attackers mentioning the commandant. So now we know whose been leaking information. The Find the active PDA mission is complete and a new task displays: Bring the PDA to Chekhov.


  • At this point in the game, it's better to keep your PDA account on the low side. There's a storage box in Yar's workshop and another one inside the hanger near the stairs where you can store your loot until after you find Fang's PDA.

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