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About your stalker - he was here. His name is Fang, and he was looking for tube amplifiers and some other electronic crap... I'm not an expert in that sort of thing. I sold him the amp, but I didn't have the other stuff he was after, so I told him to visit the diggers at the Garbage...Look for him there.
- Sidorovich

Get information about Fang from the diggers is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Return the loot to the trader task to receive the Get information about Fang from the diggers mission.


Scar has completed his part of the bargain with Sidorovich, so the trader finally tells him about the mystery stalker, a guy named Fang. Sidorovich sent him to the Garbage to see if the diggers had the components Fang was after.

Mission: Get information about Fang from the diggersEdit

From Sidorovich's bunker, you need to get to the Garbage. There are two direct ways to get there: the transition point northwest of the Northern farm, which takes you to southwest of the Vehicle graveyard, and the Military outpost. At this point in the game, the two arrival points are occupied by Bandits, who expect you to pay for the privilege of passage. You can shoot it out with them, which you may regret later in the game. Once you fire on any faction member, they are all your enemies. Firing on Bandits means you cannot take your SEVA suit to Limpid for repairs and upgrades.

Paying the Bandits results in a zero balance to your PDA account. You may try buying as much loot as you can to get your balance down and stashing it in the Cordon before you make the jump to the Garbage, but then you have to come back and get it when the Bandits are not at one of the transition points. Or, make a run for it. This might put you at odds with the squad you've out maneuvered, but the rest of the Bandits don't seem to care. This strategy is easiest at the Receiving outpost (coming from the Military outpost where you can sprint along the side of the bus and continue in that direction until you're over the hill and out of danger from the Bandits' fire. Don't stop sprinting until you're out of range, in case one of them follows you.

When you arrive at the south side of the east garbage pile, also known as the Treasure Hunter's Camp, you find the diggers are all dead, the Get information about Fang from the diggers mission is cancelled and a new task displays: Search the digger's body.

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