Get information about Strelok

"Mole and Co dug up Strelok's stash at the Institute. Find out what's going on."

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Primary Mission

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The say Strelok used to sneak around here. On top of that, his stash is somewhere around here below ground. I heard his group even has its base here.

Get information about Strelok is a primary mission segment in Shadow of Chernobyl.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Meet with Seriy task to receive the Get information about Strelok mission.


Seriy has a friend named Mole who knows the whereabouts of Strelok's stash. So now we just have to find Mole, whose under attack, not by critters, or by Bandits, but by the Military. Are you detecting a theme?

Mission: Meet Mole's groupEdit

When you spawn in the Agroprom, you're greeted by a Loner who tells you about the Military attack and ask for your help. You need to fight your way into the factory complex. As you enter the northeast gate, Meet Mole's group is complete and you get a new mission, Help the stalkers.

Mission: Help the stalkersEdit

You need to take out the Military coming from the west and south. Once the northeast gate area is cleared of Military, you can grab a new Mercenary suit in the gatehouse, improve your weapons, and collect some ammo. You will hear a message from Mole asking for help and get the next mission, Save Mole. No need to hurry, he'll be there until you're done looting.

Mission: Save MoleEdit

Mole is trapped inside a building by three soldiers. Once you kill them, Mole comes out of hiding, thanks you, then runs west and you need to follow him. After he finishes his lines, ask him about Strelok and how to get into the basement to complete this task. A new task shows on your PDA: Find Stralok's group's stash.

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