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Get information from the scout
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Trader: " guys were coming back from an assignment and disappeared. One of them - called Nimble - was bringing me some info... And they all disappeared really close by because they missed the bridge. Don't know what to think. Anyway: find Nimble, dead or alive, just as long as he has the flash drive. Bring it to me. Nimble was one of Wolf's men - and Wolf is here in the camp. Ask him, he probably knows something. He'll help you with weapons and gear.
- PDA description

This mission comprises 5 separate stages:

Talk to WolfEdit

This portion of the mission requires that the player talk to the stalker Wolf. He is located near the stalkers sitting around the fire. If one has trouble finding Wolf, he is wearing a stalker suit and will wave at the player. Talking to him and accepting the "Meet with Wolf's People" mission will give the player a fully loaded PMm and 40 9x18mm rounds. He also gives the player a Knife.

Meet with Wolf's peopleEdit

This portion of the mission requires that the player meet with Petruha and his group of loners. From there, the player can choose to either attack the bandits holding Nimble captive with Petruha's men or on your own. If one opts to attack the bandits on their own, the rewards will be far greater.

Kill the bandits at the car parkEdit

This portion of the mission will require the player to eliminate all the bandits at the car park, either on their own or with the aid of Petruha's men. This fight is much easier if they choose to fight with Petruha's men, but the reward will be less than if the player did it themselves. After eliminating all the bandits, they can scavenge whatever equipment they need from the dead bandits and sometimes dead loners.


  • Some of the bandits wield Sawed-off shotguns, which are useful to pick up.
  • Sometimes Petruha will be killed in this fight.
  • This task might continue to show on the PDA map throughout the remainder of the game, even after receiving the message that it has been completed. Perhaps because the Bandits are constantly moving back into the complex.

Get the flash drive from NimbleEdit

This portion requires that the player talk to Nimble. He is in the large two-story building with a missing wall and a campfire. Talking to Nimble will give the player Nimble's flash drive.

Take the flash drive to the traderEdit

This is by far the easiest portion of the mission. The player must go back to the rookie camp and talk to Sidorovich, where they will be given a reward. Talking to Wolf will also give the player a Wrenched artifact. If you did mission on your own, Wolf will give you Fort-12Mk2, 2 RGD-5 grenades, F1 grenade and some medical supplies.

At this point, the only task is to Kill Strelok. You have to ask Sidorovich for a special mission to continue with the story line.

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