Go to the Cordon with the guide

In-game PDA map location

Quest type

Primary Mission

Given by



Southern farmstead


Main mission continuation


We have made use of all our contacts and connections in the Zone. As a result, we know that a certain stalker at the Cordon was asking Sidorovich about some very strange components. That's all we have for the moment, but it's a lead.
- Lebedev

Go to the Cordon with the guide is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps task to receive the Go to the Cordon with the guide mission.


Now that Clear Sky has control of the Great Swamp again, Scar must interview Sidorovich, who is located in the Rookie village of the Cordon, and find out what he can about this stalker. Seems simple enough...right?

Mission: Edit

Make your way to the Southern farmstead to meet with the guide there. Once you find him, talk to him and he'll ask you where you want to go. Select the Cordon and when the conversation is over, the Go to the Cordon with the guide mission is complete. Your PDA now displays the main objective as: Talk to Sidorovich.


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