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Red Forest


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By the way, I'm getting a decent signal from Strelok. It looks like he's not far from you, heading straight for the Red Forest.
- Sakharov

Go to the Red Forest is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Don't let the zombies get close to the stalkers on the roof task to receive the Go to the Red Forest mission.


Fixing the cooling system at the factory in Yantar reduced the psy-emission interference and enabled Sakharov to get Strelok's location. Scar is now on the trail to the Red Forest.

Mission: Go to the Red ForestEdit

From the roof of the hangar in Yantar, you need to get back on the ground and make your way northwest to the gate leading to the Red Forest transition point. When you spawn in the Red Forest, Sakharov tells you to hurry, that Strelok is very close. The Go to the Red Forest mission is complete and a new task displays: Stop Strelok.

Mission: Stop StrelokEdit

A short cut scene plays with Strelok running away just up the road from you. Follow after him, but beware of a squad of Loners around the second curve who fire on you when you get close. This triggers an overlapping task: Eliminate the ambush.

Mission: Eliminate the ambushEdit

You basically have to kill all but one of the Loners (see Notes) while Strelok runs into the tunnel. When the last Loner falls, the Eliminate the ambush is complete. You then hear explosions and Strelok telling you he blew up the tunnel. Lebedev then contacts you to explain the situation as another cut scene plays out. Lebedev finishes by telling you to find Forester, the Go to the Red Forest mission fails, and a new task displays: Respond to the SOS signal.


  • The last surviving Loner of the ambush gives up and you can talk to him. He explains that Strelok hired them to ambush you. If you ask him about Forester, he agrees to show you the way, but leads you into another group of Loners instead.

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