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I'd lost all hope of ever seeing the Compass again! Thank you! Give me a bit of time and I'll find the way out of the Bubble. While I do that, you need to find a way of getting information to the mercenaries. You're going to need a powerful transmitter for that. I heard there's one like that at the military warehouses - that's how they communicate with the outside world.
- ''PDA message''

Go to the army base is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Bring the Compass to Forester task to receive the Go to the army base mission.


While Forester works with the Compass anomaly to find a way out for the Mercenaries trapped in a Space anomaly, Scar must find a transmitter powerful enough to reach the Mercs with the information.

Mission: Go to the army baseEdit

When you transition from the Red Forest to the Army Warehouses the Go to the army base mission is complete and a new task displays: Talk to the mercenaries.

Mission: Talk to the mercenariesEdit

Make your way south to Hog in the village and talk to him. He asks if you found a way to get his friends out of the anomaly and you explain the situation with needing the transmitter at the army base. Hog doesn't want to get into a fight with the Military, but he knows some Freedom guys who are planning to take the base for their own purposes. You can agree to join in on the attack by selecting Thanks for the tip. The Talk to the mercenaries mission is complete and a new task displays: Meet up with the Freedom squad.

You may also go it alone by selecting I'll deal with it myself. I'm no friend of Freedom. The Talk to the mercenaries mission is complete and a new task displays: Transmit coordinates. The difficulty level of this option is much higher since access to the tower is heavily guarded and you must neutralize most, if not all, of the Military.

Mission: Meet up with the Freedom squadEdit

The target is at the gate to the warehouses, which is on the north side of the enclosure. As you approach the base, you may hear the lost Mercenaries trying to make radio contact. When you get close to the Freedom squad, the leader tells you they are attacking the HQ building. The Meet up with the Freedom squad mission is complete and a new task displays: Eliminate the military. You also receive stash coordinates for Ammo crate, which has an RPG-7u with one round.

Mission: Eliminate the militaryEdit

As you make your way over the bridge to the tank, don't worry about collecting ammo from the corpses unless you're very low. Once the Military is taken out, you'll have plenty of ammo to collect. There's one sniper in the tower behind the HQ building, a squad behind the building, and several more inside. Use the tank and the ruins in front of the building as cover to clear out the building. Then run inside and up the stairs to the southwest room where there's an opening you can snipe from. When the last soldier goes down, the Eliminate the military mission is complete and a new task displays: Transmit coordinates.

Mission: Transmit coordinatesEdit

Whether you took advantage of the Freedom squad's offer or not, you need to get to the tower with the sniper, which is west of the HQ building. Climb the stairs to the top and throw the switch. The lost Mercenaries radio that they received the transmission, are able to escape the anomaly, and are on their way to Limansk. The Transmit coordinates mission is complete. Lebedev then transmits to meet him at the bridge between Limansk and the Red Forest. A new task displays: Meet Lebedev.


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