Go to the great Swamps with the guide

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Great Swamp


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So before we can help you get to the Cordon, we have to regain control of the Swamps, and with your help I think we should be able to do it.
- Lebedev

Go to the great Swamps with the guide is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Ask Lebedev what happened task to receive the Go to the great Swamps with the guide mission.


Lebedev has just explained why it's to Scar's benefit to help him find out why emissions are occurring more frequently. Now Scar needs to get to the Cordon to talk to Sidorovich about a stalker who may have made it to the center of the Zone. But there's a few Renegades preventing that from happening.

Mission Edit

The mission is quite simple: walk from Lebedev to the guide at the east gate of the Clear Sky base. Talk to the guide, who asks if you're ready to go to the Great Swamp. If you say, "Yes" you are blindfolded again until you get to the southeast part of the swamp. The Go to the great Swamps with the guide mission is complete and a new task displays: Reinforce Clear Sky's presence in the Swamps.


  • On your way out to the guide, Nimble stops you. You can talk ask him some questions that may be helpful information to a new player. You can also buy stash information from him, which is the case whenever you see the option, "What can you offer me?"

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