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Artifact Goldfish
General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly



0.50 kg

Shadow of Chernobyl
Rupture SOC Protect Icon Rupt


Radiation SOC Protect Icon Rad A


Best Price

5000 RU Sakharov

Clear Sky
Max Weight CSiconWeight

+30 kg

Radiation CSiconRada


Call of Pripyat
Weight Car. CoP WeightCap

+ 12 kg

Radiation CoP RadBad



The Goldfish is an artifact that can be found in all three S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.

Appearances Edit

Shadow of Chernobyl Edit


An artifact formed in the Vortex anomaly. Is activated by the heat of the body. Decide what's worse: radiation or knife wounds, and chose the lesser of the two evils. In any case you can sell the artifact for good profit.


The artifact can be found up the stairs near the entrance to X16 in Yantar. It is also contained in two stashes: a stash in Army Warehouses and inside a backpack in Yantar. They can be found laying around in highly irradiated places in Agroprom, as well as in Pripyat and at the Chernobyl NPP.

One Goldfish can be found in the Red Forest, next to the hole in the fence near the Monolith, holding the RPG (sometimes it does not appear); the second can be found deeper inside the Red Forest near the Bloodsucker.

Two more can be found at the NPP.

Clear Sky Edit


The result of a superinteraction of gravitational fields, Goldfish produces its own strong directed gravitational field and significantly increases stalkers' load carrying abilities, which explains why it's always in great demand. Emits radiation.


The Goldfish is one of the rarest artifacts in the zone and it only forms in strong gravitational anomaly clusters. The only place you are likely to find one is the large anomaly cluster near the Devilish camp in the Red Forest. Additionally, one may be found amidst the gravitational anomalies on the hillside west of the military base in Army Warehouse.

Call of Pripyat Edit


The result of an interaction between a large number of gravitational fields, Goldfish produces its own powerful internally directed gravitational field, which renders items within its range almost weightless. This artifact is most effective for reducing carried weight, which explains why it is always in great demand. Emits Radiation.


There are few anomalies that spawn Goldfishes: the school in Pripyat (where you save Zulu from mutant attacks) and randomly spawned at the Dredge station and the Claw anomaly in Zaton. Rarely the Bitumen in Jupiter will spawn this artifact and they have been found to spawn in the Claw Anomaly in Zaton.

If the player has chosen the peaceful way to complete the Hostage crisis, they are given a Goldfish to use as a ransom to get Mitay freed. The player can keep the artifact, although it'll force the player to either pay 15000 RU or kill the bandits to rescue Mitay. If the player has given Shishak the artifact, they can kill him to reclaim it afterwards.

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