Guarding the scientists
Given by

SCS Scientist emblem Professor Hermann


Find protection for the scientists' bunker

I have connections in the Zone. I could find you some new guards.
- Major Degtyarev
That would be wonderful! They will be given full scientific support and the latest technological developments in exchange for their work! You'll get a reward, too!
- Hermann

Guarding the scientists is a mission available in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.


The mission can be taken only either after one has found the Documents requested by Hermann from the Jupiter factory and was attacked by Black's team, or after one kills Black team when they are still guarding the bunker. After the mobile lab has been abandoned by its protectors, Black and his team of mercenaries, the bunker is now defenseless. Hermann wants the player to find trustable people to protect the bunker.

There are four candidates for the protection.

  • Spartacus: In order to be able to hire Spartacus, one must have sided with the Loners in The Hit and Transaction, and managed to have Spartacus survive both raids. Afterwards, he can be found aboard the Skadovsk. If the player asks him, he will move to the lab with a group of stalkers.
  • Hatchet: In order to be able to hire Hatchet, one must have completed the Supplies mission for Hatchet. Once done, the player can approach Hatchet and offer him to work for the scientists, after what he will move to the lab with four of his men. The player needs to be careful as hanging too close to the mercenaries' camp with a weapon out will cause Hatchet's group to become hostile.
  • Duty: The player can simply ask Shulga to send a group of Duty fighters to the lab. This is the simplest option (along with the Freedom one) as there are no prerequisites and Shulga is found in Yanov, not far from the scientists' lab.
  • Freedom: The player can simply ask Loki to send a group of Freedom fighters to the lab. This - and the Duty one - are the simplest options as there are no prerequisites and Loki is found in Yanov, not far from the scientists' lab.

Note that it is not possible to hire Duty if Freedom was hired for the Research group mission, and vice versa. Once the player has recruited someone, they can speak to Hermann to get the reward.


The reward for this mission is 4000 RU, two psy-blocks, three antidotes and three radioprotectants.

The mission does not contribute towards getting any achievement - recruiting Duty or Freedom to guard the bunker will not help the player get the A Friend of Freedom and the A Friend of Duty achievements.

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