Heart of the Oasis
Heart of the Oasis
General Characteristics
Parent Anomaly



0.50 kg

Call of Pripyat

Cop icon heart of the oasis

Energy Rec. CoP Endurance


Health Rest. CoP HealthRegen


Hunger Elim. CoP Satiety


Wound Healing CoP WoundHeal


Radiation CoP RadBad


Best Price

7000 RU Prof. Ozersky


Unique; only 1 piece available in the game.


The Heart of the Oasis is an artifact that can be found only in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat from the centre of the legendary Oasis.

Call of PripyatEdit

Description Edit

Apparently, it is a crystallized plant, which took over the inherent properties of the Oasis. Its effect on this organism can only be described as extremely beneficial, however, unlike the Oasis itself, the artifact is extremely radioactive.

Acquisition Edit

The artifact is only obtainable in the Oasis, guarded by a Psy dog. Whether or not it's actually useful is debatable - it takes twenty four minutes of perfect silence to regenerate a third of your health bar, and the stamina adds about half a second to your sprint.

Some benefits of having this artifact is to save on the weight of the food you carry. By equipping and unequipping it, your nourishment can be replenished. Another, perhaps for some - it counts as a mission that lets you buy "Svarog" Detectors from Professor Hermann.


  • The artifact actually costs 50000RU, but no one will buy it except Ozersky who pays 7000RU.
  • After turning it to the Ecologists you can see it on the mobile lab next to the Altered Insulator.
  • Even if the player obtains the artifact, nearly all NPCs will not believe the player has found the Oasis.


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