Help the outpost

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Primary Mission

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Great Swamp


We can talk later. You're needed at the outpost now - go!
- Docent Suslov

Help the outpost is a primary mission segment in Clear Sky.

Acquiring the MissionEdit

Complete the Talk to Lebedev task to receive the Help the outpost mission.


A Clear Sky outpost is under attack somewhere in the Great Swamp. Scar needs to get some equipment and then have a guide help him get there.

Mission: Head to the outpost with the guideEdit

Since the besieged outpost does not display on the PDA map, you must enlist the help of a guide. After completing the Take equipment from the trader task, Ivan Trodnik waits at the west gate of the Clear Sky base. When you talk to Ivan, he will if you are ready to go to the outpost. If you acknowledge that you are, Ivan blindfolds you and takes you to the Great Swamp, just south of the outpost. When he takes the blindfold off the Help the outpost mission is complete. Lebedev warns you of the anomalies and instructs you on how to use your Echo detector for collecting artifacts. Apparently, artifacts are more important than helping the outpost.

Mission: Ascend the towerEdit

As you approach the outpost, someone tells you to run for the tower and the Ascend the tower task displays. The outpost is under attack by Boars, not Renegades, and if you're quick enough, you can loot the bodies of the fallen Clear Sky members and grab the supplies in the trailer before climbing the ladder to the tower's platform. When you reach the top, the Ascend the tower task is complete and a new task displays, Collect your reward. This you do when you return to the Clear Sky base.

Mission: Kill the boarsEdit

This really is an optional mission as it doesn't really matter if you complete it or not. However, completing this task earns you a CS-3a body armor (Clear Sky). When you get a message from Lebedev warning of an emission, the task is canceled, as is the Help the outpost task. When your partner in the tower succumbs to the emission, you only have a few seconds to loot his body and grab the 12x70 Buckshot before it's too late.

A new task displays: Return to the Clear Sky base. However, this task is also cancelled before you can complete it.


  • This task overlaps Take equipment from the trader task, which you must complete before you can Help the outpost.
  • You can always return to the outpost later to loot the bodies and collect the supplies in and around the trailer. However, don't wait too long as sometimes the bodies may not be there and you may miss out on some stash coordinates.

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