Hidden Veles Detector
General Characteristics



0.5 kg

Clear Sky
  • Detects all artifacts
  • Cost: 1500 RU

A next generation detection scanner designed specifically for locating artifacts. Artifacts are shown on a special display, which makes them easier to find. The device comes with a Geiger counter and can be used to detect anomalies. When closed, the device registers only radiation an anomalies. To switch to artifact search mode, raise the front LED display.
- Clear Sky Description

Hidden Veles Detector is a secret find located in the Great Swamp in Clear Sky.

Overview Edit

If you accept the Return Item: CS scout's PDA mission, or just find yourself wondering about somewhere north of the Village ruins, you can pick up a Veles detector that will make finding Artifacts much easier.

Walkthrough Edit

The CS scout's corpse is directly north of the Village ruins, along a fence that runs parallel to the railroad tracks. However, if you walk west along the fence from the corpse, there's a hole in the fence where you can get on the other side. Stay along the fence to avoid Radiation until you're directly south of the bridge. Head for the gap between the tanker car on the left and the box car on the right. There's a cave just west of the box car where you'll find a mattress up against the corner. The detector is on the right side of the mattress. It's hard to see, and you may have to lean to the right.After you pick up the detector and take it in your hand, you can find an artifact near the campfire in the room.

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